About Construction Industry Development Council

Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) was established in 1996 by the Planning Commission (Now NITI Aayog), Govt. of India along with the Constituents of Indian Construction Industry, as the apex organization to professionalize and improve the functioning of the Industry. We undertake a wide range of activities to benefit the construction industry. This includes conducting training at various levels, organizing workshops and conferences, publishing journals and newsletters, welfare programmes for construction workers, grading, placement and so on.

CIDC understands the importance of this exercise and with an intent to create one seamless database for use by all stakeholders, and has worked with stakeholders to fix the framework, categories, and the registration process for prequalification of construction companies, material handling organizations and service providers for the CIDC Construction Industry Database.

Creation of one seamless database for use by all stakeholders for all types of Products and Services to avoid duplication of efforts and wastage of precious time and money.Effective pre-qualification of vendors through capability assessment of the supplier and manufacturers. Reliable database for faster turnaround time, ready to use vendors and Crisis management for project exigencies.

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